Love is one of the most abused things in this world. You have heard different definitions and seen different forms of love which have twisted concepts. Love for some is defined according to the experiences of people, both positive and negative; however, love is not a fickle feeling or emotion as has been defined by the world. It cannot be overemphasized that Christians should not let the world’s view of love be the standard. Romans 12:9 says “Let love be without dissimulation. Abhor that which is evil; cleave to that which is good.” 

So, what does the Bible say about love? 

Love is the Christian’s conduct/conversation. You received a commandment to love when you got born again (John 13:34). Love is an enablement that comes by the Spirit of God to help you live out the life of the believer on the earth. The enduing with the Holy Ghost gives you grace to live as you ought without tilting to the world’s view for weighty matters.  

In 1 Corinthians 13, the characteristics of love are made known. Love suffers long and is kind. In your relationship with people, you should offer forgiveness in advance, overlook their faults, and do not cut them off because the road got bumpy. The mere fact that you can live with yourself despite your shortcomings should teach you graciousness and patience in dealings with people.

Man is the crown of God’s creation. In the same way, you should place the same value God has placed on man because there will never be a time when walking in love will be wrong. Love is commitment, inspite and despite. 

Love is not envious. It cancels out the evil of strife and envy. Love is not pretentious; it should be unfeigned and pure. Do not pretend to love people because of what you stand to gain from them. This kind of love cannot be sustained because it is not sincere.

Love is unconditional. The sacrifice of Jesus Christ proves the love of God for man. John 3:16 talks of the great love God bestowed upon us by the sacrifice of Himself to save man. This tells you that love is seen in sacrifice. How far can you go for the people you love?

Love is not transactional. It is not ‘scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours’. For a non-transactional love, you should scratch one’s back even if they do not scratch yours in return. Many may frown at this but it is what is expected of you as a believer. Love is that emotion you show to others without expecting anything in return.

Love is not selfish and does not seek her own. Love works no ill – it is not destructive. Love does not seek to prove a point. Love is seen in actions and is sincere. Love that is not slow to anger or easily gives up on people or quick to punish is not love.

Do you love sincerely? Do you cut people off and give no room for reconciliation? 

Let your love be sincere and without dissimulation because when you love like this, you can easily edify one another. Choose to embrace God’s Word to regulate every aspect of your living.



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    Tracy says:

    “Love doesn’t expect anything in return”
    This is such a godly piece and my heart was blessed. Thank you so much LTEN Blog❤️

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